Bridal FAQs

Normally 3 fittings are sufficient but sometimes depending on the work involved I will ask you to attend 4. I normally start fittings about 8/6 weeks before your wedding with your final fitting being within 2 weeks of your wedding day. For bridesmaids, I ask them to attend 2 fittings, sometimes 3 if the work is extensive. Appointments are usually 30mins unless I tell you otherwise so please be prompt.

All day fittings (where available) start at 9.30am and require you to be available all day but means you take your completed dress away with you at the end of the day.

I ask that you budget £350-£400 for bridal alterations and that includes most standard alterations to sideseams, length, straps, sewing belts/straps on and a bustle. Train alterations or having any major design changes to the dress will be more, as will having something made. Depending on the work involved to any accessories, they may be chargeable on top of your dress alterations.

All day fits have an added surcharge of £50 to cover me clearing my day for you and some alterations will not be possible in an all-day fitting – I will advise you if your alterations are beyond an all-day

Payment is usually made on your second fitting by cash, cheque or BACS so you don’t need to bring anything money wise to your first fitting and at the end we will confirm the exact amount so you know when you come back. For all day fittings, its BACS or cash on the day.

For bridesmaids, I ask that you budget between £45-100 per bridesmaid to cover sideseams and length, and some minor adjustments. That being said, if a dress just needs a hem it could be as little as £30.

I ask that you contact me about 4 to 5 months ahead of your date if you haven’t heard from me before that. I will then contact you to discuss booking in all your fittings and bridesmaid fittings so please have your diary to hand. 

Once we have booked in your fittings, I will send you a booking email containing my bank details for you to pay £30 to confirm your booking. I will hold your appointments for 48hours, if you haven’t sent the confirmation fee, your appointments will be offered to someone else. This fee is non-refundable but will be deducted from your final bill.

I work Monday 10-8pm, Tuesdays to Friday 10-4pm and every other Saturday by appointment. Appointments on a Monday will be held at The Bridal Boutique otherwise your appointments will be at my workroom across the road. 

All day fittings are by arrangement and are not available at weekends.

The most important thing to bring with you to each fitting is your shoes. I cannot pin a length without them and once we’ve pinned a length, you cannot change them. Secondly, please wear appropriate underwear or ideally, the underwear you plan to wear on the day. If you’re not wearing a bra, don’t worry but its wise to try your dress with the undies you want to wear to check that they don’t cause a knicker line etc. You can bring along any accessories if you’d like to try them with your dress e.g. veil, necklaces but please be aware you only have 30mins for the appointment.

Yes, I ask that you only bring one or two people as it tends to confuse the appointment and focus is drawn away from the important task of your alterations. I will show someone you trust (usually your mum or a chief bridesmaid) how to put you in the dress, do it up and how to bustle it for you. We can video this too in case you forget or can’t have someone with you for any appointments.

I ask that if you plan to lose weight you make me aware at the time of booking your appointments so we can have an open chat about it in relation to your dress. If you lose weight or plan to lose weight before alterations start, please do so before the first fitting. Once I’ve pinned you on your first fitting, those are the pins I will follow. If you lose weight after your first fitting, it may incur further costs/fittings and in turn delay completion of your dress.


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